In-Mould Labels, IML

In Mould Labelling (IML) is a highly effi cient technique. By placing the plastic label in the mould before injection, and then bonding the label with the plastic products during the injection process, IML can produce high-quality products productively. It can also produce cost-effi cient and environmentally friendly products.



According to different plastic moulding machines, respectively of two kinds:
• Blowing Bottle IML process, for home and personal care products, engine oil bottles, chemical containers etc.
• Injection moulding IML process, for drinking bottles, cups, food containers etc.

• 吹瓶成型 (吹塑) 模內貼標,適用於日常用品,個人用品,機油桶,化學物品等等
• 射出成型 (注塑) 模內貼標,適用於飲料杯,餅乾盒,食物盒等


  • Natural, harmonious, and elegant
  • Bright colours, better than paper-like materials
  • Waterproof, anti-oil, no bubbles and non-foaming
  • The label becomes a part of bottle or container, therefore, it allows an excellent appearance without peeling off or moulding
  • Single-step process, process simplifi cation and automation, labour saving
  • Without gum manufacturing process, reducing the amount of resin, eco-friendly process
  • A higher recyclable rate was achieved through the integration of the bottle and label as a 100% recyclable vessel


  • 呈現出自然和諧的視覺效果。外觀新穎、優美,具質感與精緻感
  • 色彩亮麗鮮明,比紙類材料更優勝
  • 防水,防油,不起泡,不皺摺,不翹起
  • 黏合性佳,不易發霉,不易脫落,可長時間保持完整美觀
  • 一體成型,無需再貼標,流程簡化及自動化,節省時間及勞動力
  • 無需背膠製程,降低樹脂用量,過程環保
  • 瓶身與標籤整合成100%,可回收之容器,回收時無需再處理,再使用率更高

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