As an old saying goes ‘A little error may lead to a large discrepancy.’
Rigour is a virtue that is worthy of praise, our philosophy is “consistent quality makes perfection”.


Quality control 品質控制及保證

A robust Quality Assurance System is the key in winning customers’ confi dence and satisfaction. Product quality can be assured throughout the production process with FuFai’s internal systems and rigorous acceptance testing for product verifi cation. We have also acquired various certifi cations to ensure compliance with all standards, and to meet customers’ specifi c requirements.

“品質保證”是富暉深獲客戶長期信賴的關鍵。各廠致力取得各類認證 。 富暉的數碼作業流程,可全程監控品 質,透過嚴謹的測試,保障產品品質,也取得多項認證,以符合各類標準及規範。