Meet Our Team 專業團隊

An excellent team is the core value of FuFai. We focus on cultivating the team spirit of employees, giving them effective incentives to create a united, fraternal and harmonious atmosphere, that way each employee can be happy to work for our big family. At the same time, we continuously educate and train our staff to enhance their potential, creativity and productivity.
Zero-distance communication with our client is importance for us. We tailor-make every order and provide our professional service with the most comprehensive production from design, proofreading, output, plate making, printing, forming, and all kind of post-processing and shipment. Our aim is to give our customers the highest quality products.
與客戶零距離的溝通是我們始終堅持的優良傳統,每一筆訂單都為客戶量身訂做,我們並提供最完整專業的整合服務,一貫化生產從印前的設計完稿、校稿到完成校稿後的輸出、製版、印刷、成型與各種後加工乃至產品完成後的品檢、出貨 ; 務求給予客戶最高品質的產品。

Research & Development 管理與研發

FuFai is dedicated to innovation, we have made breakthroughs in material composition, substrate structure design, as well as printing and converting techniques to create greater customer value.
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